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NAVIERA MURUETA S.A. was founded in Bilbao in December 1967 and operates in all areas of the Maritime Sector, including Sea Transport.

Over the years, the Company has built a total of 29 wholly-owned vessels, used to transport dry goods by sea, mainly general cargo (large parts, cranes, naval blocks), containers and dry bulk cargoes, such as cereals, fertilizers, iron and steel, coal and scrap metal.

Apart from operating its own fleet, it manages a large number of vessels in their different modes, nearly all of which are bulk carriers.

The close tie with Astilleros de Murueta S.A. has meant that nearly all our vessels have been built by that shipyard. Since 1943, the shipyard has been building vessels at its Murueta and Erandio centres (both in Vizcaya), ranging from any type of floating structures and merchant ships to the most sophisticated vessels on the market, such as the tuna fishing boats.

It is co-owner along with other companies of a further 2 minibulk carriers, together with 2 small oil tankers that are used to transport and supply fuel to other vessels at Spanish and Portuguese ports


It also has a stake in the share capital of other companies operating in different areas of the maritime sector. These companies include Empresa Naviera Elcano S.A.

The Company is committed to providing a first-rate quality service in line with the needs of its customers. It has a highly qualified workforce that enables the Company to adapt to market needs and to comply with the strict European and international regulations.

Naviera Murueta S.A  C/ San Vicente, 8. Edificio Albia 1. Planta 9. 48001 Bilbao. Tel. +34 94 600 40 60. Fax. + 34 94 424 70 71